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(tw: mentions of self-harm, suicide, homophobia, etc.) ‘Inspired’ by events at the most recent con. 

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Since there is so much back and forth, I feel that people need to have this video to get the context of what happened.

I’m really upset about this. My response to the girl’s question was of exasperation which you can hear (I say “Aye Dios Mio.”) She DOES start asking about the subtext in the show. When I heard the crowd collectively booing though, I got really uncomfortable with my own response and also theirs. When I heard Jensen’s response, I was stunned into silence and didn’t record, take pics, or really even hear the questions for a bit.

You cannot see this in the video, but I was on the side the girl was on, very close. As soon as everyone starts booing, Clif, who was standing right near her, goes up to her and began having a conversation with her. She stood to the side for a bit after she stepped away from the mic (which was right after she said “I meant no disrespect”) and I thought perhaps Clif had heard all of her question and was going to let her ask or she was going to ask a new question, but after a bit she walked away.

On the way out of the panel, my friend said she saw the girl in the ballroom, wiping at her face. I didn’t see her myself, but I don’t think you need to be a genius to guess she was upset.

What happened was not okay. Jensen needs a better response. Fandom needs a better response. We need to safeguard against this, either through screening questions or the actor being a bit more adult about it and owning up by saying “that’s not how I intended to play it, but you’re welcome to your interpretation.” These types of questions are not going away; we need to learn how to interact with them like adults. All of us. Myself included.

well that was a rude way to handle it

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“What’s Wrong With Stephen Moffat?”
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Bless you

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gcses? haha what are those please stop talking about it

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“Longbottom leaf. The finest pipe-weed in the South Farthing.”

“It’s perfect! One barrel each.”

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